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Supporting our local community for a brighter future

At Autex Acoustics® we believe that to be an active part of our community we need to support those within it

Community initiatives

Rosebank school

Schools are a crucial part of nurturing and protecting the well-being of the generations to come. We are aware of the importance of having the best educational spaces available to all children and that is why we support our local primary school, Rosebank School. Located just down the street from our Avondale site, they are a pillar of our community, as they set the foundations for their student's next steps in life.

Crescendo Trust

Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa (CTOA) empowers Kiwi rangatahi to pursue careers in the arts through mentorship and hands-on, practical experience. With a team of industry professionals as tutors and mentors, CTOA creates space for Kiwi youth to explore the world of music, radio, film, and photography both in a classroom and real-world environment.

Trade Up Tour

On a mission to motivate youth across the country, Logan and Jesse of Trade Collective have a clear message: with a good attitude, and a trade under your belt, the world is truly your oyster.



One NZ Warriors

Based at Mount Smart Stadium, the One New Zealand Warriors came to life on Friday, March 10, 1995, and stands alone as New Zealand’s biggest and oldest professional sporting franchise. As owners, sponsors, and life-long league fans, we’re passionate about seeing the team succeed.

Warriors Community Foundation

The Warriors Community Foundation (WCF) provides a platform for The Warriors and partners to cultivate positive social change within local communities. Focusing on helping our youth, they create a variety of programmes that help to support mental health, anti-bullying, literacy and other well-being skills.We are very proud to be key partners of WCF and have been since their establishment in 2020.

Point Chevalier Pirates

Formed in 1919, the Point Chevalier Pirates have been a staple in the local community for just over 100 years. Holding a special place in the heart of the Autex Acoustics® family (Mark Robinson played for the team in the 80’s and 90’s) we are committed to helping the club thrive.


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