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How a casual after-work drink
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From 1967 to the present

Our story



1960s - 1970s







Established in 1967

From humble beginnings more than 50 years ago, Autex Acoustics® has grown to serve over 18 export markets, with manufacturing and finishing networks in four countries. Autex Acoustics is a leader in the development and manufacturing of non-woven architectural textiles, supplying an increasingly sophisticated range of products to the building industry.

Our history

Our roots lie in the highly regulated New Zealand economy of the 1960s and 1970s. The family-based company—now with the third generation making its mark—has grown into one of Australasia’s manufacturing success stories as a leader in modern acoustic products and environmentally friendly polyester insulation.

Growth and diversification

Through the 1980s we diversified moving into new markets and learnt to innovate in order to remain competitive within our industry. In 1986 we moved into 702 Rosebank Road where we have remained to this day.


The 1990s brought a period of consolidation as the business focus moved towards innovating in the polyester product space. As offices were established in Australia, each move was aligned with a restructure of the business. With a new head office and factory being built in 1998 and celebrations for reaching 25 years in business, it was an event filled decade.


The 2000s were a period of specialisation as we developed our expertise and positioned ourselves as fibre and textiles specialists in the building industry. The South Island sales office was opened while plants were established in Perth and the Gold Coast.


During this decade we saw a shift in the market as Architects and Designers asked for more custom acoustic design in collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers. We needed to be able to speak the language, so hired our first two Industrial Designers.

Growth and sustainability

While this decade is in its early stages, a lot has still happened. Our design team has continued to grow allowing for our business to venture into even newer territory. Collaborations with Emma Hayes and Novii have created innovative visuals and design. While Sustainability has been at the forefront of our operations for decades, we have continued to push, achieving carbon neutrality.

Our vision and mission

We are creatives and innovators with a desire to improve the way we build by developing unique products that transform spaces. We understand the importance of healthy buildings and the part our thermal and acoustic products play in their performance. We recognise we are on a journey and are investing in improving how we operate. This is evident from the materials we use and the way we manufacture, through to investing in a sustainable planet and challenging what is currently being done in the design space.

We are family owned but have a global footprint. We invest in partnerships and have a will to work with others that share our passion and vision.

We love a challenge and believe there is always a way to make something possible. People drive our business, and we aim to create a workplace that not only values our workforce, but gives opportunity for development. We value diversity and aim to incorporate and recognise this within our culture to make Autex Acoustics a desirable place to work.

Quality is our differentiator and we will not compromise on this. With 50 years of manufacturing forming the backbone of our business, we will continue to grow and get excited by the design challenges that tomorrow will bring.

Our values 

Connected energy

We will have high energy, a sense of urgency, be deliberate, confident, and committed in all of our work. We will be passionate about working hard but we will still remember to have fun, laugh loud and often, and connect with our colleagues.

Culture of thriving

We continually strive for excellence. This means that we challenge each other, learn fast, and think forward. We will ensure we are adding value to everything we do and bring the best out in ourselves and others.

Make it possible

We dream big, are bold, and willing to find a way. This means that we work together and together we will not give up.

Truly caring

Together we will support each other and genuinely look out for everyone we connect with, including customers and suppliers. We will always act in kindness with empathy and sincerity. This means that we recognise each other’s strengths and motivators helping them to achieve their goals. We will have each other’s backs giving them a home away from home.

Where we feature

Autex Acoustics solutions can be found across the globe featuring in some of the biggest brands offices, foyers, meeting rooms, and general working environments. They form an essential acoustic and design component to these spaces, helping to bring them to life not just as a workplace but as an extension of these brands. We are incredibly proud to have partnered with these businesses and can’t wait to showcase the projects our team are currently working.

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