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Winter essentials with Sarah Cook

Aug 11, 2023

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Meet Sarah Cook, one of our new internal sales representatives. With two years of experience as sales support, she has seamlessly transitioned into the new role. We took this opportunity to sit down with her to see how she has found the transition, what her new role entails, and learn about who she is. Here is what she had to say:


What does your new role entail?


In Internal Sales, I am looking after the customer side of our interactions while our Account Managers work directly with Architects. I have also retained some of my old responsibilities and look to support the sales team with reports and information as best I can.


What have you enjoyed about the new role?


I like that I am more involved with customers and have more of a varied workload. I am definitely busier, which is good. It keeps me on my toes and means for more interesting types of work.


What goals have you set for the next six months?


I want to better my product knowledge. The more I work directly with our product and the projects they are being used in, the better my technical knowledge will be. As an extension, this will help me better serve our customers and make a smoother customer experience. 

What are your five winter essentials?


1) Winter escape


Regardless of the weather, I do like to get out of Auckland and disconnect for a while. I recently went to Waitomo, staying at a canopy camping site. Going off-grid and getting away means you have no excuses to do nothing. 


2) Bourbon


My husband and I are big Bourbon fans. When the weather is cold and wet, we love to relax with a couple of Jack Daniels and ginger ale. 


3) Spending time with the dogs


I have two dogs and love them to bits. Cash, named after Johhny Cash, is an English Staffy, while Daisy, named after Daisy Duke, is a mixed breed. They’re both very happy and loving dogs.


4) A good book


I enjoy reading and am currently reading the Witcher series as me and my husband watch the show. You can’t beat getting cosy on a wintery Sunday afternoon with a book. 


5) Exercise


Keeping fit is a great way to beat the winter blues! I enjoy keeping active by going to the gym and running.




What are your top five music artists?


1) Pink Floyd


Being one of the most successful rock bands of all time, I think everyone knows Pink Floyd. I like them because Dad would always have them on when I was a kid. I actually walked down the aisle at my wedding to a Pink Floyd track!


2) Nirvana


You might be able to tell that I do enjoy a bit of rock music. Nirvana are iconic for me so I couldn’t leave them off this list. Man Who Sold The World (MTV unplugged version) would be my favourite track.


3) Led Zeppelin


This is another band that my Dad would always be playing in the background. On top of some great songs, listening to Led Zeppelin brings back a sense of nostalgia.


4) Benjamin Tod


Rock isn’t all I enjoy. Country would be one of my favourite genres with Benjamin Tod being a stand out for me. Not a widely known artist, but he has some great tunes.


5) Luke Grimes


Luke Grimes is a more well-known country artist (although probably better known for his acting). My favourite songs from him are Hold On and Oh Ohio.

Aug 11, 2023

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