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Five interior design trends for 2023

Country, New Zealand

May 01, 2023


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Where will interior design go in 2023?

When it comes to interior design, trends are constantly moving and changing as our visual preferences develop. While these may seem like simple design choices that people are making, there is always a deeper reason as to why these particular styles are being selected. Looking at the next 12 months, we have selected some trends that we believe will be prominent.

1) Use of colour


Colour is an incredibly powerful tool that has the ability to make a space feel large or small, warm or cold, and even exciting or calm. Using bright colours in a feature wall or as an accent can help give your designed space an extra bit of character. A good example of the colours being used in interior design can be seen in Pantone’s selection of ‘Viva Magenta’ 18-1750 for their colour of the year. A bright and bold hue full of life, this is the way that we see colour selection going. 



2) Mixed materials


Biophilic design has been a popular trend for interior design over the past few years. Bringing natural elements indoors can have a powerful effect on occupants comfort while adding beautiful textures and tones. When pairing multiple materials in a designed environment, you can create a strong juxtaposition. This can be used to communicate the spaces function or be part of a larger overall aesthetic theme. Stones, timber grains, tiles, and even plants can be used in this format.



3) Warm colour palettes


While bold colours are playing their part in this year’s trends, we feel as though warm colour palettes will become more prominent. Having worked our way through years of Covid-19 restrictions, we are now returned into a lifestyle of normality. However, this restriction in lifestyle has left us yearning for more variety and comfort in our day-to-day lives. A simple way of meeting these cravings is to bring more colour into our daily settings. Warm earthy tones play into biophilic design aspects and bring a sense of tranquillity.

4) Geometric shapes


After years of minimalist design playing a prominent role in interior design, we believe the trend is now turning the other way. Again, as part of coming out of Covid restrictions, people are looking for more life and vibrancy in the spaces they spend time in. The use of geometric patterns can help to create strong visual features in a space where a little goes a long way. This isn’t restricted to just the walls and can be implemented via your floors and even ceiling. 



5) Sustainable design


The businesses and places that we associate ourselves with are a representation of who we are and our values. With an increasing number of people prioritising sustainability, it is no surprise to see this trend enter the design world. Whether it is recycled materials, reused products, or materials built for the long term, there is a growing demand for sustainable design.

Country, New Zealand

May 01, 2023


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