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Young designers spotlight - Georgia Simpson

Country, New Zealand

Dec 14, 2022

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The New Zealand design industry is by no means in short demand of talented young professionals looking to innovate in their field. This is why we love to sit down and take the time to get their perspective on our industry. For this version of our Young Designers Spotlight we spoke to Georgia Simpson, a senior interior designer making her mark at GHD Woodhead creativespaces. Here is what she had to say:

How did you make your way into the design industry?


I’ve always been a creative from a little dot. Whether it was restyling my parents house weekly or sleeping with my new clothes beside my bed, all directions pointed to something in the creative industry. After school I chose to study architecture but worked out quickly that I needed something a little more colourful. Following graduation I travelled a bit, before deciding on interior architecture as a career path and I am so grateful I did.



How do acoustics play a role in your design process?


In commercial interiors, acoustics play one of the most integral parts in the foundation of our design and its long term success for our client’s space functionally performing. It’s amazing that now with the range of products Autex Acoustics has in the market, we are also able to use acoustics as a means of creativity. We love to push the functional limitations in the spaces to also have a positive design impact.



What is your favourite project that you’ve worked on?


I’ve been able to work on some amazing projects. I feel that every one is special in its own right as every company has their own dynamic and process. Goodman, Watercare, or Bunnings head offices are some of the ones that I have definitely been able to have some fun with creatively, which as a designer continues to fuel the passion.



What role is sustainability playing in your current work?


Sustainability is playing an important role as our clients are now nearly always after fitouts designed with sustainable thinking in mind and for good reason. Personally, being able to design knowing that I am not impacting the world negatively is great. We have control over how we design the built environment and it is one way that I can help create a more sustainable future. 



How has the interior design industry changed over your career so far?


Covid obviously had a significant impact and is the largest impact I have seen so far in my career. The work model as we know it always drives the way we design, so flexibility in work will always drive flexibility in change of space.

How do you see the interior design industry changing over the next ten years?


Smaller tenancies with more to offer and an abundance of exciting design. People enjoy the flexibility that the work from home life can offer, but the social and collaborative aspects that the workplace provides will never be replaced.


What is the most regular conversation you are having with clients? 


How do they want their space to be moving forward, to always think about the future and how change in space and environment can influence a change in culture.



What impact are you wanting to have on the design industry?


To always design with intention and be known for designing what our clients are after. We have so many ways we can design and of course I have my own style. But to create something that we know reflects our client always leads to great results—and trust me it’s not always easy.



What is your favourite Autex Acoustics® product and why?


I am loving the look of your new product, Lanes. We are looking to use this in a future project. Also you can never underestimate the power of Cube and all the variation it offers.



What type of spaces do you prefer to design for and why?


Personally, I love designing spaces where I know that what we are creating is going to make a huge transformational change to the team or people that will enjoy it. That could be anything from an office, to a library, or even a donor centre. It’s rewarding to know that what we are designing will make a positive impact on people’s lives and that it will be appreciated!

Country, New Zealand

Dec 14, 2022

Community, Interviews, News Article

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